Sunday, January 31, 2010

Faith Through The Year - Introduction

One of my goals for the year is to finsh at least one of the many started scrapbooks that I have.  I figured that my "Faith Through The Year" album would be an easy one to do, since it only involves doing two pages per month.  I had actually started this album a couple of years ago, but I only got the January layouts finished.

This album was inspired by an article I found on the Creative Memories website under Faith Scrapbooking.  The "theme" for each month is a holiday or observance, and there's a prompt idea with a verse to go with it.  I had to get a little bit creative with two of the months, since this article was on the US site, and they had Columbus Day as the theme for October and Thanksgiving as the theme for November.  I made my October theme Thanksgiving, and my November theme is Remembrance Day (which it seems to me is based in part on what they had for Columbus Day).

This is the title page for my album:

I had to make two new tiles for the year, since it originally read "2008"; I also added the Jolee's lilly accents to the pink and green accent squares.  Other than that, I did'nt have to make any other changes to my page to bring it up to date.

Stay tuned to see more pictures of future layouts from my "Faith Through The Year" album! Until next time,

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