Monday, October 18, 2010

Kids as Inspiration

One of the things that I love about teaching Sunday School is seeing how creative the kids are.  For example, this past Sunday, our lesson was about God creating Adam and Eve.  Part of the lesson was to make a model of the Garden of Eden.  We made play-Doh animals, and then I covered the table with newsprint, got out the markers, and let them go to town drawing plants, trees and rivers.  (Sadly, they are much better artists than your truly.)  If you ever need to get your creative juices flowing, find a bunch of kids, give them some craft supplies and watch what they come up with.  It's truly inspiring!

Which brings me to my creative toy box.  One topic that is mentioned a few times in the crafter's devotional is reconnecting with your inner child by re-reading a favourite childhood book, re-acquainting yourself with a favourite childhood craft, or just getting out some crayons or markers and colouring.  After reading these suggestions, a light bulb came on, and I said to myself, "Self, wouldn't it be just so cool to have a box full of fun craft stuff to pull out and play with whenever I needed to get inspired?" My self, of course, agreed with me, and so was born the creative toy box.  I have colouring books, crayons (the 96 box from Crayola!), coloured pencils and markers.  I have a bag full of alphabet beads, and I plan on buying at fuse bead kit (I've seen one that comes with a dolphin-shaped pegboard).  I want to get a bucket of basic foam shapes; I find that just playing with them gets me thinking creatively, even if I don't actually make anything with them.  Same for the beads.  And of course, I have the Play-Doh used for the animals in the aforementioned model of the Garden of  Eden.  Hey, what did you think I would do with all that wonderful dough?

Next time you need to get your creative mind working, get out some crayons and colour, or go to the dollar store and buy a can of Play-Doh (I have seen them) and let your inner child out.

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  1. I'm looking forward to making my own creativity toy box!