Tuesday, June 7, 2011

UFO Invasion

I have yet to meet a crafter who does not have UFO's - Un-Finished Objects.  I myself have a huge collection of UFO's.  I'm really good at starting projects, but not so good at finishing them.  But until this past weekend, I had no idea how many UFO's I really had.  I have to say... I was a little shocked.  And I couldn't even remember what a lot of the UFO's were meant to be! The UFO's in question were all plastic canvas projects, and I had lots of bags of cut pieces, but no notes for most of them, and yarn for very few of them.  So I purged.  I kept only the ones that a) I actually had some of idea of what they were supposed to be, and b) I knew I would actually finish them.  The stitched pieces went in the garbage - I cringed the first few times, but by the end I was tossing with the best of them! The unstitched pieces went into a plastic bag so that I can go through them and figure out what pieces are worth saving, and what pieces are too small to do anything with.

So I made a resolution.  From now on, if I want to start a project I'm going to make detailed notes on it and file it in my creative planner until I complete one of my UFO's.  My reward will be to get to start a new project.  Pretty good trade-off, I think.  It will also help me avoid the the question of "what the heck was this supposed to be?".

So...be honest now. How many of you have UFO's lurking in your closets and cupboards?

Until next time,

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  1. LOL ufo that's a good one. I have far too many ufos too