Tuesday, July 31, 2012

More medals for Canada, Olympic art and some links

And then there were four! Canadian athletes have captured three more medals today in London in the sports of Judo (men), weightlifting (women) and platform diving (women).  In Beijing, we went for 8 days before winning our first medal, and now just four days in we've won four! The prognosticators are calling for a top 12 finish and 22 medals for Canada, and with the way our athletes are lighting things up we just might do it! Go Canada Go!

And more congratulations need to go out to Michael Phelps, who today became the most decorated Olympic in history - way to go Michael!

This weekend I decided that my Olympic display needed something, so I stitched a garland of plastic canvas flowers inthe Olympic ring colours.  I got the idea for the flower shape from a plastic canvas group that I belong to on Facebook; they're cut from PC stars.  I filled all of the petals in with white, and then did the border stitching in the ring colours.  The next step was to join them together.  It took me a couple of tries before I came up with a method and layout that I actually liked.  The final step was something to hang it up with.  I used gold and silver wired ribbon loops at each end.  Here's the final result:

When I was looking up the lyrics for the three songs I posted on the weekend, the site that I used for "I Believe" and "The Power of the Dream" had videos on them!  Follow the links below to see them.



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  1. Very fun garland!
    We have Olympic fever at our house too.