Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Colours of Fall

Of all the seasons, I think fall just might be my favourite.  Sure, there are things that I like about spring, summer and winter, but not as many as fall.  Fall for me is the gorgeous coloured leaves and the crisp air.  Fall is cuddling under my duvet on a chilly night.  Fall is digging out my favourite sweaters, boots and flannel pajamas.  Fall is Thanksgiving and Halloween and the knowledge that Christmas is on its way.  Fall is hot apple cider and pumpkin pie and roast turkey and too much candy.  Fall is a return to teaching Sunday School.  No doubt about it - fall is definitely my favourite season!

Yesterday I took my camera for a walk around our yard and captured some of the sights of fall.  Here are just a few...

Fall roses

High-bush cranberries

An apple on our apple tree

Pears (this is the first year our pear tree has EVER produced fruit - and we've had it for about 15 years!)

Birch tree

Poplar trees

Happy Fall!
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