Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My first altered art project, an eagle sighting and the best St. Paddy's Day ever!

I'm so excited to share this - it's my first ever altered art project! I bought the tin full of flowers because a) I liked the flowers, and b) I liked the tin.  The tin has been sitting in my stash for the longest time mocking me and saying "what are you going to do with me?".  I finally came up with a project for it - a holder for a series of ATCs I want to make about the blessings that God provides.  So without further ado...here it is!

Tin: Prima Marketing; Flowers: unknown; Brad: Doodlebug Designs; Paper: unknown; Ribbon: Offray; Labels: Dymo


Picture this: you're driving home from work on a beautiful almost-spring evening.  In the rearview mirror, you can see the sky ablaze with the setting sun.  There's good music playing on the radio, and you're feeling like everything in the world is as it should be.  You catch sight of movement in the sky just off to the right ahead of you and focus in for a closer look.  And that's when you see it: a bald eagle soaring on the wind, wings outstretched.  Your heart leaps at the sight, because bald eagles are not a common sight where you are.  In that moment, you offer up a prayer of thanks to the Lord for sharing this little miracle with you.  And you recall the words of one of your favourite Bible verses...
"But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.  They will rise up on wings like eagles..."


St. Patirck's Day is usually just another day, with nothing to make it remarkable aside from the need to wear green.  This year I spent a St. Pat's that I will never forget! My favouritest country band Lady Antebellum was playing in Edmonton, and I had plans to go with my cousin, and I was so excited I could hardly stand it.  She had gotten a pre-sale code to buy the tickets before they went on sale to the public, and got us AMAZING seats in row 5 on the floor.  The first opening act Thompson Square had finished playing, and there was an intermission while the stage was set up for the second act Darius Rucker.  A lady came over to Kim and I and said that she was looking for someone to switch seats with.  She and her husband had tickets for the mosh pit right next to the stage, but her husband couldn't stand for that long; would we be interested in trading tickets? Kim and I looked at each other and said in unison "Sure!".  So we got to watch Darius Rucker and Lady A from right...next...to...the...stage! I almost got close enough at one point to touch Dave Haywood when he was high-fiving (low-fiving?) the fans!  Of course I, in my infinite wisdom, had worn boots with heels on them, never anticipating that I would be standing for almost the whole concert.  I was in agony by the time the concert ended, but it was so worth it!  I have a few pictures (not good ones, but I do have some) on my phone; if I can figure out how to do it I'll post them here.

Until next time,

PS. You can see pictures of my altered tin plus lots of other stuff in my new photobucket album! Follow this link to find my main album, and then feel free to browse hte sub-albums!


  1. You did a great job on your first altered project!

  2. Hopped over from the blog post at scrapbook.com
    LOVE your blog and your projects !!!!!
    and your puppy is sooooo cute
    Have a fabulous week