Sunday, June 6, 2010

Burned Out

Do you ever wish you could run away and be someone else for a while? I have to tell you...right now I'm wishing that exact thing.  I've been pushing myself so hard at work for the last six months trying to keep my ahead above water with the new invoicing system that I'm feeling rather burned out now that I'm finally caught up.  When we first started this new invoicing process, they hired someone to help me with the invoicing until we learned the program and how it was going to work.  Beth keeps telling me now that I'm caught up I can finally relax.  Relax? Ha! I feel like I've forgotten what that word even means any more.  I keep thinking I'd like to go away somewhere, but I don't know where I'd go.  I have been considering taking one of the trips that Contiki offers, but I don't really want to travel by myself with a bunch of people I don't know.  I've also been considering seeing if one of my friends would take a trip with me, but our personalities are so different that I'm not sure how well it would work out.  (I actually had a dream about this one night - let's just say it was not a good situation LOL.)  The only thing I've thought of that actually makes me happy is taking a road trip and going to see my fave little brother is Rosetown.  He just moved into his own place, and he's been working at getting it all fixed up.  I'm sure he'd love to have visitors so he could show off his house and where he works (and I have to admit that I also want to meet "his" little girl Aselin, who is the daughter of Ryan and Amanda, Danielle's brother and sister-in-law and Jamie's good friends).  But then I start thinking that I don't know if I want to actually go anywhere.  At the same time, once in a while I start to feel like I just want to take Sarah and get in my car and just drive and drive and never come back.  Sometimes I feel so trapped here, and I want so badly to escape but I don't have anywhere to escape to.  Sigh.  It seems like I just don't know what I want right now.

This post is starting to sound really negative now, so I'm think it's time for me to go to bed.
Until next time,

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