Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ever wonder what happens...

...when artists get bored at work? The results may look something like this:
This is an 8"x8"  digital layout I did using the words of the Lady Antebellum song "I Was Here" (you can find it on the "Act of Valor" soundtrack or iTunes).  I'd been listening to the song a LOT and when I thought about the words I just kept seeing a sign somewhere that read "I was here".  I did an online seach in Microsoft Word and I found this picture, and it was perfect!  Once I had my picture all I had to do was add the title to the sign and put in a text box for the lyrics.  The hardest part was finding a font colour that would show up well against all the different background colours.

I love the message in this song about leaving something of yourself behind so that future generations will know who you were that you were here.  That's the very reason that I scrapbook!

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