Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Make It! Monday: The Office Survival Kit

Yes, yes...I know it's Wednesday.  I've been sick with the flu for the last couple of days.  But on the plus side, it gace me extra time to prepare this week's Make It! Monday post LOL!

Today, my gift to you is the "Office Survival Kit" (I call mine my "Box o' Wonders").  I got this idea from my mom when I started my second job.  My first job was right downtown, so if I suddenly needed something, I was minutes away from a large shopping center with everything you could want.  My second job was in an industrial area and wasn't as conveniently located.  My wise mama suggested I should put this together for any small emergencies I may encounter.  It's really easy to put together, and really inexpensive as well! Who doesn't love that? All you need is a large, plastic food storage container, like a Ziploc container.  Then, you fill it with things that will make your work life more comfortable.  The list below is by no means all-inclusive - there may things that aren't here that you want to add.  It's also tailored towards the ladies, but by leaving out a few things you could easily make one of these for the special man in your life.

Items for your survival kit:
 - Tylenol/aspirin/ibuprofen
 - Midol/Pamprin
 - allergy pills
 - cough drops
 - antacids
 - pocket-sized hand sanitizer
 - band-aids

 - toothbrush/toothpaste
 - pocket/purse-sized hairbrush or comb
 - deodorant (this comes in very handy when you're going out after work)
 - trial-sized perfume (see above)
 - small manicure set
 - feminine hygiene products

 - set of inexpensive utensils (great for those days when you forget to bring a spoon for your Chunky soup)
 - can opener
 - change for the vending machine (for your "Gimme chocolate before I hurt someone" moments)
 - small sewing kit

If you have additional space to store supplies, you may want to consider the following items as well:
 - tea bags and/or instant coffee (especially if your office has coffee like mine LOL!)
 - snacks for the afternoon munchies (granola bars, cereal bars, individually packaged crackers and snacks, etc.)
 - jar of peanut butter (saves you having to bring small portions of it for your bagel)
 - box of crackers (add this to the above item and you have an instant lunch, especially if you forgot the one you made last night - yes, I have done this)
 - cleaning supplies (I have a canister of cleaning wipes, a swiffer and a dustcloth - I work in a very dry, dusty office and these things come in very handy)

Take my advice: make yourself one of these kits, and you'll be prepared for anything life throws at you! Or at least, some of it!

Until next time,

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  1. What a great idea Jen!! I hope you feel better soon!